How would you like to easily monitor  your pump cycles while spending LESS TIME in the field on maintenance calls?

How would you like to leave a PROFESSIONAL IMAGE at every location?

It is all possible with the 120V Pedestal Mini Jiffy Dual Alarm/ Event Counter unit (PMJ1DB — Order #2108). This Exterior Pedestal-Mounted Nema 4X Junction Box Pump Control sports an Event Counter to keep track of pump cycles as they occur. Plug in your pump, hardwire in your switches and electrical service for a 120V or 240V unit on the removable terminal board which just slides into place. Choose a 2″ or 2.5″ Pipe Nipple to connect through the riser. Appropriate cord seals will be added to deter gas seepage from the tank. Slip any extra wires and cord into the high impact UV protected pedestal for safekeeping away from the elements.

The Interior Dual Alarm comes complete with hardware, a battery back-up, automatic reset,  horn silence, alarm test and an Alarm Float Switch. Plug into a 120V outlet on an Interior wall and connect the switch wires.

After connecting the unit, look at your time savings and leave with a real sense of pride in workmanship.


Featured Testimonial

Kerschner’s Gas Service
Coloma, WI
Mark Kershner

“The Jiffy Junction Pedestal unit saves me at least two hours of installation time on every pressure septic system we install. We have been using the Jiffy Junction Pedestal on every pump system and have never had a single problem. We love it!!”