Product Description

Control a pump and monitor the liquid level(s) of the tank in one exterior based unit. Pump is connected into the corded recptacle located in a watertight box. This exterior based unit has a removable terminal board for all the wire connections. The light will remain illuminated unitil the liquid returns to an appropriate level.

Functional Features:

  • Horn Silence and Alarm Test
  • Gas Tight Cord Seals for Corrosion Protection
  • Removable Terminal Board for Easy Hook-up
  • Watertight Junction Box for Wire Splices
  • Corded Receptacle for Hook-up Mobility
  • Control Switch (included) activates Audiovisual Alarms
  • Pipe Nipple & Locknuts included to fit directly on Riser

All Jiffy Junction® Series Pumps/Alarm Controls come completely assembled with a 3-year Limited Warranty.